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Our Why

To cultivate and connect entrepreneurs* from across U-M and the entrepreneurial ecosystem in support of personal, social, and professional growth. 

*Anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit is an entrepreneur

We are creators.

The Michigan chapter of Sigma Eta Pi is dedicated to maximizing human potential. We educate our members with the most comprehensive knowledge of the startup ecosystem and venture processes, equipping them with a concrete set of skills sourced from the diverse backgrounds of our organization.

We are founders.

With our talented and diverse network of alumni, educational workshops, and strong influence and involvement in the college and greater entrepreneurship community, we enable our members to turn ideas into startups, pursue creative projects, build networks for life and learn valuable professional skills.

We are family.

Members of Sigma Eta Pi come from a wide variety of majors and backgrounds and go on to accomplish incredible endeavours. So far, our members at the college chapters of UCLA, UC Berkeley, and much more have already started over 20 successful ventures in industries ranging from tech to fashion.

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